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Coaching by Example

My 12 Empowering Beliefs

Business e-Coach: 10 Keys to Global Success

Trademark e-Coaching Concepts

An Easy Way to Become a Genius

KoRe 5 Affirmations

Personal Brand  >>  KoRe >>  KoRe Story

My Top -10 Time Management Principles

5 Business Lessons I Learned from Pisa Tower


Create Your Fate

Fate Master

Dare To Live!    Wonderful Life

Life Design    Self-Audit

Discover Yourself

Discover Your Life Mission

Awaken Your Inner Genius

Be GREATbody

Your Higher Self

Self-Reciprocity Laws

7 Greatest Gifts of Life

Wonderful Day − Every Day!

Gratitude-driven Time Management

Paradoxical Rules of Life

Life-Business Synergy

Happiness Way    Eternal Youth

Spiritual Journey and Growth


Choose Love

All-Inclusive Love    True Love

12 Roles of Love    Happiness 360

Strong Loving Relationships

Kosages    Photograms

About Love in 1 Minute

Love the World    Love All People

'How To Succeed in Love' (humorous song)


You Are What You Think

10 Divine Roles of Thinking

6 Mindsets of a Great Achiever

Burning Belief

Breakthrough FICAP Attitudes

50 Positive Affirmations

Happiness Is a Two-Way Road


The Wheel of Personal Success

Discover Your True Passion

The Virtuous Circle of Success

Put Your Success on Autopilot

6W Self-Coaching Questions


Great Habits  >>  Make New Habits Stick


Be a Victor

Win Wisely

Prepare to Win  >>>

Lexicon of Winners and Losers

How the Weak Can Defeat the Strong  >>>


Knowledge, Wisdom, Enlightenment

Awaken Your Inner Genius

Learn Forward

Gaining Knowledge

Comprehension: 3 Levels

Trust Your First Thought

Wise Listening: 3 Levels

Listen to the Universe

Awaken Your Subconscious Power

Intuition: 2 Levels

Divine Creativity, Intuition, Comprehension

Truth vs. Lies



Loving Relationships

Surround Yourself with Right People


How To Create Impactful Images

Communication GEM


Presentation that Inspires Change

Impactful Presenter

Personal Brand


Be Witty

Win-Win Negotiations

How To Become a Famous Artist

Creative Achiever

Loving Creator  >>    Planet of Loving Creators

Change the World  >>  BE MAD  >>    MAD song

Vision    Dream Big Dreams

Turn Your Dream To Reality

How To Create Wonders

Achieve Impossible!    Be Daring

COCA Principle of Achievement

The Magic of Action    The First Step

KoRe 10 Metaphorical Tips

Be Different, Think Differently

Break Rules

Enthusiasm    Courage

Grow Yourself    Self-Leadership

Stretch Yourself    Self-Coaching

Strategic Achiever    Virtuous Spiral

Motivate Yourself     Burning Desire 

Take Noble Risk    Take Initiative

Work Smart and Hard

Be Energized − Always!

Failures: Prevent or Benefit

Paradoxical Rules of True Success

Balance    Synergy


Great Habits

Great Innovator: 8 Winning Habits

Look for Opportunities Everywhere ‒ Always!

How To Make New Habits Stick



Smart & Fast Thinker

Beginner's Mind    Curiosity

Holistic Thinking: KoRe 3 Models

Extraordinary Thinker

Breakthrough Thinker

Subconscious Thinking, Ideation, Comprehension


Strategic Thinking: 7 Principles

Thought Leader

Open-minded Attitude

Positive Thinking DOs and DON'Ts

Positive Problem Solving

Metaphorical Thinking

Think Both Inside-Out and Outside-In

Ideate on Autopilot

Stay Focused    Flexibility

Smart & Fast Decision Maker



2 Catalysts of Creativity

Creativity Perpetuum Mobile

3 Levels of Creativity

Subconscious Creativity

Creative Dissatisfaction

Challenge Assumptions

KoRe Ideation Techniques & Tools

Creative Challenge Spiral

3Bs of Strategic Creativity

Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

SPIN − Spiral Integration of Ideas

Make Creativity a Habit

Uncreative Person: Top 10 Lack-ofs


How To Succeed Online

Create Greater Value Online

Impactful Images

Customer-focused Website

How To Promote Your Website

Online Presentations

10 Success Lessons from e-Coach

The Synergistic Team of CimJoy Founders


6+6 Engines of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Differentiated

Venturepreneurial Flight

Solo Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Success: 3 Metaphoric Models

Innovation Is Love

Entrepreneurial Vision  >>  Product Vision 

Disruptive Innopreneur

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Proactive Innovation

10 Commandments of Innovation

SADR Virtuous Spiral Turn

Internet Entrepreneur

From Idea to Customer Success

3 Creativities of an Innovator

Entrepreneurial Creativity: 4 Steps

Master of Business Synergies (MBS)


Solo Interpreneur

How Much You Can Earn Online from Ads


Discover Business Opportunities

Market Opportunities


Innopreneurial Games


Areas of Application


Learning Benefits  >>  Self-Assessment

Stronger Team

Stronger Venture

Innoball Ideation Process  >>  2 Phases


Gold Coin Cards

Team Assessment


NPD Co    Mars    NervusTec

Innompic Games as a Great Creation Show

Preparing for World 1st Innompic Games

INNOTEUS Success Story


Innompic Games


Successful Business

7 Routes To High Profits

Strategic Business Success

Happy Business

Passionate Team

Love Your Customers

High-Growth Business Development

3 Levels of Radical Innovation

Creating Customers

Customer Value Creation

Value Innovation

Invent a Great Product

Design Thinking for Value Innovation

9 Strategic Questions for Customer Success

High-Performing CULTURE

Winning Corporate Culture

Change Management: 3 Levels

Strategic Flexibility

ICT for Sustainable Development


Virtuoso Marketing

White Marketing

Differentiation Strategies

Contextual Value Proposition

Empathetic Marketing

Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

KoRe 10 Tips

Content Marketing

Art vs. Skill  |  10 Tips  |  Headlines

StoryTelling: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself


ICT for SMEs

CRM Implementation



3As of Brand Management

Brand Attributes + Brand Appeal + Brand awareness  







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