ICT for Sustainable Development*

Information and Communication Technology for Environment





Free Eco-Effectiveness e-Coach

Creating Sustainable Value

Benefits of Eco-Effectiveness

Inclusive Company

Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs)

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Integrated Quality and EMS (EQMS)

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Cleaner Production

Cleaner Production Strategies

Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Measuring Cleaner Production

Design for Environment (DfE)

Brief Outline

Design for Waste Minimization

Design for Waste Recycling

Continuous Improvement Firm

Continuous Improvement Mindset

Kaizen    Kaizen Implementation

Lean Manufacturing

7 Wastes To Be Eliminated    3 Types of Wastes

Just-In-Time (JIT) Production

Suggestion Systems

ICT-powered Value Chain

Benefits of e-Business

ICT Governance

ERP Benefits    10 ERP Implementation Tips

ICT Trends: Market Shifts

ICT for SMEs

Best Practices and Success Stories

Environmental Responsibility of Alibaba (China)

Cleaner Production: SSF (Thailand)

Green Productivity: Ford Lio Ho Motor (Taiwan)

Lean Production: Toyota (Japan)

Canon Production System (Japan)

Lean Production: GSEP (India)

Lean Production: RTS (India)

Lean Production: TE (India)

Lean Production at 3 SMEs (U.S.A.)


Practicing Kaizen at Fidelity Investments (U.S.A.)

Japanese-style Suggestion System

Fun4Biz Suggestion System

Six Sigma: GE (U.S.A.)

The Toyota Way: 14 Principles (Japan)

Cimcoin (Russia) for a Paperless World

CimJoy Clean e-World    CimJoy Guiding Principles


Vadim Kotelnikov

Great businesses do take care of their revenue stream but focus on passionate creation of increasingly great value for today's stakeholders and tomorrow's learners.


Our breakthrough ICT-based global ventures


Cimcoin is to make life and business easier and better.

Cimcoin will also contribute to environmental protection and
sustainable development
by making a big steps towards a paper-less World.


Cimcoin - next-curve IT: e-documents, e-money, e-cerficates, breakthrough technology and business model, Vadim Kotelnikov, radical innovation




CimJoy is an Internet-based world and thus it's 100% clean.

In CimJoy all people, including physically challenged ones, can learn, grow, socialize, build Internet-businesses, earn money and have fun.


CimJoy - smart and joyfull parallel e-World, Internet-world, next-wave innovation, Vadim Kotelnikov



* This activity is complementary to ICT for Sustainable Development programs of some United Nations agencies.
The difference is that UN agencies focus on organizing meetings while I focus on
creating value online