Love Life

Love as Your Life Mission

Life Mission - Love, Save the World, Virtuous Giant, Vadim Kotelnikov



The River of Joy

Your Happiness Boat

Love - Sea of Love, River of Joy, Vadim Kotelnikov love quotes, photogram



Loving Relationships

Loving Marriage

Great Sex quotes, love, unity of souls and bodies is a journey to eternity Loving Relationshiips Marriage quotes: the only star for life Vadim Kotelnikov photogram



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Innovation is Love

Love Your Customers

Vadim Kotelnikov photogram: Innovation is Love, Love what you do, love your customers

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Love Life

The simplest secret of a happy life: Love breeds love   love life and life will love you back.

Interpersonal Love

Loving is not about wanting your loved one to be yours, it is about wanting your loved one to be happy.

Unity of two souls and bodies is a journey to eternity.  >>>

Loving Marriage

All stars shine. Yet, when you come closer you find out that none of them fits for life. None... Except one.  



Loving Creator

The Loving Creator created us in his likeness. We are all empowered from outside and given unlimited capabilities. All we need is to  empower ourselves from inside and embrace an attitude of a Loving Creator >>>

Innovation is Love

Innovation is actually a very simple phenomenon ‒ Innovation is about Love: love what you do and love your customers.  >>>

Passionate Team

Love for each other gives team members strengths and courage, inspires and energizes them, creates an atmosphere of trust, enhances intellectual teamwork, cross-pollination of ideas. and team creativity>>>

Love Your Customers

Love for customers is the springhead of the cascade of innovations and the river of revenues>>>