Introduction To ICT Trends and Opportunities for SMEs


Throughout the world, SMEs play a vital role in their economies, often acting as the primary drivers of job creation, innovation, and economic growth. Modern SMEs are tech-savvy. They benefit a lot from being technology leaders. They outperform peers in sales, profits, employee satisfaction, and business growth.

This free e-course helps entrepreneurs and SME managers to:

  • Have deeper insights into modern ICT-related trends, threats and opportunities

  • Adopt ICT-powered approaches to business development

  • Learn how to access most appropriate ICT resources in a cost-effective way




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Internet Power

 ICT Trends: Market Shifts

Internet Business and Revenue Models

How Much You Can Earn Online from Ads

Mobile Banking

Cimcoin Technology for Smarter Business

IP Guide for SMEs    IP and e-Business


6+6 Engines of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial Vision    Strategic Achiever


Social Entrepreneurship in Asia

Value Chain

IT Leader / CIO

Business Growth: the Role of CIO

IT Architect    Cross-functional Expertise


Benefits of e-Business

Adoption of e-Business

IT / Business Alignment


IP Issues Related To e-Business

ICT-powered Marketing

Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing    Ad Targeting

Top 10 Tips Top 10 Tips

Business Success 360

Surprise To Win

How To Discover Business Opportunities

Business, Cash and Technology Forecasting

IT/Business Alignment

IT Governance

Winner Website    Customer-focused

How To Promote Your Website

Customer Engagement

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Content Marketing    Attractive Headlines

ERP Implementation    CRM Implementation




* UN-APCICT commissioned development of the 'ICT for SMEs" manual in 2013 but abandoned the project later on.
As a part of my social entrepreneurship
mission, I decided to complete the work on my own as a gift to SMEs.