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Vadim Kotelnikov

10 Commandments of Innovation

How to turn breakthrough inventions to a high-growth business






10 Commandments of Innovation, Vadim Kotelnikov advice  

Venturepreneurial Flight

In radical innovation,
every step forward
is a step into
terra incognita

are guides
are teachers.






Have a Dream

Create an inspiring entrepreneurial vision  Case Studies  >>>

Focus on your core competences and competitive advantage  >>>

Develop a vision-focused innovation strategy  >>>

Inspire Your Team

Communicate your strategic intent and launch a crusade  >>>

Create an inspiring culture Case Studies, make business fun  Case Studies

Inspire, empower, and energize people




Focus on Customers

Strive to create innovative value for your customers.

Practice customer-driven innovation to create customers  >>>

Involve customers in your new product development process  >>>

Be Different

Surprise to win , think outside the box  >>>

Strive to change the name of the game introduce radical innovations  >>>

Differentiate yourself and your product  Case Studies  Innompic Games icon  >>>






Question Everything

Challenge assumptions, ask "Why?" and "What If?" questions constantly

Ask a lot of searching questions, create a culture of questioning  Case Studies

Question and reassess past decisions


Approach innovation holistically ; build your cross-functional expertise and systems thinking skills  >>>

Build and leada passionate and synergistic cross-functional team  >>>

Cross-pollinate ideas, leverage diversity, create synergies  >>>




Establish the Process

Provide strategic alignment and guiding principles  Case Studies  >>>

Design a business model; establish rules, structure, and a measuring system  >>>

Encourage jazz-like improvisation within a guiding structure  >>> 

Take Risk

Take entrepreneurial action nothing venture, nothing win  >>>

Experiment and learn from market feedback  Innompic Games icon  >>>

Learn from failures to start again smarter  >>>




Lead Change

Create a mindset of creative dissatisfaction to reduce resistance to change  >>>

Lead by example, demonstrate venturepreneurial leadership attributes and Can-Do attitude >>>

Adapt to rapid internal and external change, create positive change  >>>

Be Entrepreneurial

Develop and practice entrepreneurial creativity daily, learn continually  >>>

Search for entrepreneurial opportunities always and everywhere , know how to discover and pursue them with speed  >>>

Be persistent, overcome obstacles, solve problems creatively and turn problems to opportunities; trust your first thought, intuition, and  subconscious mind  >>>








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