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Starting a radical project without playing
an INNOBALL simulation game
is like
starting a football game, naively believing that the opponents − both external and internal ones − are not going to fight back.

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 Innoball Bebefits: stronger innovation team and project success, Vadim Kotelnikov Innovation Brainball simulation game training 







Innoball helps to boost both individual entrepreneurial creativity and team creativity.

2 Creativity Catalysts


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General Benefits

Specific Benefits

Turn Ideas / Inventions into a Profitable Business

Create New Markets

Develop Breakthrough Strategies

Train an Innovation Team  >>>

Boost both Individual Creativity and Intellectual Teamwork  >>>

Learn to Anticipate Problems and Solve them Creatively

Assess Entrepreneurial Smartness of a Team  >>>

Disruptive Startups

Develop a Winning Business Model

Persuade Venture Capitalists to Invest  >>>

Large Innovative Firms

Implement Radical Change

Make Wiser Investment Decisions


Innoball helps strengthen
your innovation team, business model
sustainable competitive advantage and business strategies
‒ all within few hours

Success Story
Innovation Football game helped a large trainee company
strengthen its innovation team and business model,
save US$ 2.5 million thanks to avoiding costly mistakes, and
reduce time to market by 18 months

Innoball results, better strategies, entrepreneurial game, innopreneurial simulation games

Innovation Football Success Story, Innoball, strategic simulation game, radical innovation project


Innovation Brainball (Innoball) is a breakthrough simulation game that helps disruptive innopreneurs create breakthrough innovations, develop stronger business models and entrepreneurial strategies, train the team and evaluate the strength of the team and each its member.  >>>

Team members learn to think strategically,
solve problems creatively, turn problems to opportunities,
anticipate opponents' moves, improvise, think as a team,
build on each other's and synergize ideas.

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Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools are used by both innopreneurs and their opponents to to manage the ideation process and simulate creative moves

A simulation game helps innopreneurs develop better strategies,
solve problems creatively and anticipate opponents' moves

Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools Strategic Creativity Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools - Metaphoric Actions Innoball Game in Process: Innovation Football, Entrepreneurial Games, creative problem solving, predicting opponents' moves, team assessment

A choice of techniques for fast evaluation of innovative ideas will help team leaders make strategic decision quickly and effectively

Innovation Brainball makes you think for the enemies of innovation and change and, ultimately, turn this thinking into a winning habit >>>

Techniques for Quick Idea Evaluation Idea Evaluation by Weighted Criteria Fast Idea Evaluation Techniques, Weighted Criteria, Guiding Principles, Quick Decision Making, How To Make Strategic Decisions Quickly


 Innovation training fun, Innoball Ideation Process