Treat every problem as a gift
and an opportunity to grow.

Solve problems positively.
Ask yourself,
"What good things
this problem brings to me?
Let me list of them all."

Problem is an opportunity to grow Vadim Kotelnikov Most Useful Dictionary




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Ask the Right Questions

When something goes wrong, instead of trying to get things back to the way they were before, ask yourself, "How could I make things better than they were before?"

This question will stimulate creative problem solving, help you discover promising opportunities, and inspire your subconscious mind to work on


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Whatever you focus on gets clearer. So, focus on good things.

Positive thinking helps you turn problems and failures
great opportunities.

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Problem Solving Strategies and Approaches

Problem solving starts with a burning desire to change something and an open mind.

There are many different strategies for solving problems . They include 5 WHYs, Reframing, Guess and Test, Work Backward, Use a Variable, STRIDES, creative problem solving, subconscious problem solving, Look for a Pattern, Brainstorming and Spiral Integration of Ideas (SPIN), Brainstilling, simulation games. and many others. You need to pick the strategy that fits the problem best.


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First and foremost, you must focus on desired results and keep your mind open.

Donít limit your effort to just fixing the problem. See how you could make things better than they were before, may be even radically better.

Visualize the desired result: You should have a clear picture of the desired result in your mind. Imagine what you would like to get.

Try new approaches. Seek disruptions. If you always do what youíve always done, you will never do anything new and become non-competitive pretty fast. Intentionally challenge assumptions and disrupt the way you do things so you will try new and different approaches.


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KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10 KITT) is a set of metaphoric tools that facilitates strategic ideation, helps develop entrepreneurial strategies, and solve problems creatively.

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools help you streamline a brainstorming process and
come out with truly
inventive solutions 

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The Power of Active Thinking

Active thinking is about passionately caring about and being involved with a cause, and changing the problem in order to explore it.

Socratic Method

To solve a problem, brake it down into a series of questions, the answers to which gradually distill the answer you seek.


Prototyping can help you tackle problems when you working on a complex new product development project. Prototyping is a way of making progress by resolving critical problems one by one and discovering new opportunities on the way.


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