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SPINSPiral INtegration of Ideas

How to assess and synergize brainstormed ideas quickly




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SPIN - Spiral Integration of Ideas - value-added brainstorming, Vadim Kotelnikov

Five Main Benefits

① Utilizes each idea’s greatest value to enhance the value of other ideas.

② Builds both horizontal and vertical synergies among diverse ideas.

③ Engages subconscious mind that works millions of times faster.

④ Manages individual competitiveness so it doesn’t create barriers caused by one person trying to top others all the time.

⑤ Facilitates social interaction, cross-pollination of ideas, group / team creativity and intellectual teamwork.







  How To Run a SPIN Session


Describe the problem or the desired result.

Let each member of the group silently write down a creative solution.

Pick a core idea (you can use Gold Coin cards for quick selection of the most promising idea) and combine it with other ideas one by one.

Pick a different creative solution as the core idea and combine it with other ideas one by one in a completely different order.

Take a break for about 20 minutes, let people relax mentally so that their subconscious mind switches on and generates greater solutions.

Ask each member of the group to write down a value added idea.

Repeat the idea integration process with the second-thought creative solutions.

Take another break to let the group members relax mentally and take a helicopter view of the all solutions generated.

Evaluate the ideas and integrated solutions to select the highest-value ones.

Create the final solution by integrating all the inputs in the most effective way.




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