Though most inventions take years to develop,
sometimes, all it takes is an accident.




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To develop serendipity, adopt an attitude of a Loving Creator, keep your mind open, and be prepared to discover entrepreneurial opportunities for value innovation any time and everywhere.



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Search for opportunities always and everywhere and opportunities will search for you.

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Coaching by Example

Here is a short inspirational real-life story.

A friend of mind sent me a photo of a wonderful sunset.

A looked at the photo and... made this serendipitous discovery. →


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Vadim Kotelnikov teachings

If you love what you do, love to create innovative value, and keep your mind open, your innopreneurial journey will be full of accidental discoveries.

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KoRe 10 Tips for Serendipity




Have your mind prepared for learning, new insights and thinking outside the box. Be creatively dissatisfied and expect to make an accidental discovery any moment.

Be observant. Keep your eyes and mind open at all times. Look at everything around you as doors to inspiration and new discoveries.

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Be passionate about making innovative and valuable connections. Motivate yourself to look for and notice unanticipated and unsought until it becomes a habit.

Curiously notice outside-the-box remarks of outsiders who look at the things that are usual to you with new eyes.

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It's not me who pulls ideas of myself,

it's ideas who pull me out of myself.

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Be sagacious enough to link together apparently innocuous facts in order to gain a breakthrough insight and discover serendipitous value.

When an experiment doesn't produce an expected result, don't discard it outright. Refresh your curiosity and experiment with the unexpected outcome to see what comes out of it.

  Vadim Kotelnikov quotes ideation It's not me who pulls ideas of myself, it's ideas who pull me out of myself.


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Looking deeper for a solution is intelligence; looking wider is creativity; looking higher is enlightenment.

Vadim Kotelnikov



Create knowledge not by processing information but rather by cross-pollinating ideas, subjective insights, intuitions, and hunches.

Develop a subconscious ability and habit to connect randomly picked things, solutions, words, thoughts or ideas in an unusual, meaningful and synergistic way.

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In partnership negotiations, expect to discover unexpected advantages or benefits incurred due to positive synergy effects of the alliance.


Silence your thinking mind and let the guidance from the subconscious and intuitive mind instead of the thinking mind bring you to the state of afflatus, enlightenment and comprehension >>>



Remember, nothing makes you blinder than a point of view.  >>>

Learn to unlearn. You need to look at the things inside and outside you with new eyes if you want to make discoveries.

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Serendipity as a Source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Business

Serendipity helps you create unplanned and unintended innovative value by taking advantage of unanticipated, unexpected and unsought information.

Develop serendipity as a corporate capability and leverage it to your competitive advantage in such areas as