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  Love what you do, keep creating and innovating every day  Examples

  Love all people, be a HOSTer ‒ help others grow and thrive  Examples

  Don't teach − inspire!  Examples

  Play simulation games with inventions and opportunities  Examples

  Experiment, learn from feedback and jump to the next curve  Examples

  Engage the subconscious mind and divine creativity  Examples

  Build your personal brand as a loving creator  Example











Create Great Value Online

Any successful business is about creating innovative value and creating customers. To be able to create OUTSTANDING customer value, you must love your customers and strive to make them happier... More


Customer-focused Website


Contextual Ads







Innompic Games

Having invented and built the highly popular globally Business e-Coach, I launched a civilizational breakthrough Innompic Games. IG online are to engage 1 Billion people by 2025.


 Innompic Planet of Loving Creators proactive mega-innovation by Vadim KotelnikovWorld's #1 innovation Innompic Games market leaderTrend Setter Innompic Games proactive innovationVirtual Venture Valley (VVV)














Social Media Marketing (SMM)

① Prepare your marketing materials in a way that makes reading or talking about your brand entertaining, fascinating, and newsworthy. Get inspired by the successful marketing strategies of your competitors and other great social media marketers, but don't mimic them ─ be your unique creative self... More



Internet Marketing as Business

Internet marketing services are in high demand. There are many opportunities in this field as some businesses rather pay someone to do their online marketing as opposed to doing it themselves.

Coaching by Example

As the owner of high-ranked websites and a publisher, I am dealing primarily with Internet marketers specializing in article marketing and freelance writing. They approach me with proposals to publish some guest posts linked to the websites of their clients.  >>  Examples


Personal Branding  

Great success comes from both self-improvement and self-packaging. In today's overcomunicated and overcrowded marketplace, being just excellent is not enough. You must also be remarkable and and rememberable... More