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Creative Dissatisfaction

Open-Minded Attitude

'Why? What If?' Questions

Creative Challenge Spiral

Turn Problems to Opportunities


Strategic Creativity

Play INNOBALL to discover further opportunities




KoRe 10 Tips for Discovering Opportunities




Stay focused on your inspiring vision and keep your mind open to opportunities that can vault you to a new level.

Search for opportunities always and everywhere and opportunities will search for you.  >>>

  Vadim KOtelnikov quoutes Vision how to achieve a dream

Search for opportunities to stretch yourself, to dig deeper into your unlimited capabilities. Think unthinkable, set stretch goals, believe in yourself.

Scan and understand emerging innovations, technologies and technological platforms than may help you achieve your great vision >>>


Vadim Kotelnikov quotes ideation It's not me who pulls ideas of myself, it's ideas who pull me out of myself.




Search for hidden opportunities inside each problem.

Search for synergies, relate unrelated information, and play 'What If scenarios.


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Brainstorm and cross-pollinate ideas with others, especially visionaries and your clients. Inspire others, help each other analyze and interpret data; make time or create a place for new ideas.

Co-operate and co-innovate with creative people.


Vadim Kotelnikov quotes, Ask search questions to innovate forward



Experiment with new ideas, play simulation games to discover new insights and possibilities.

Interact with the market, socialize with customers; observe people; beta-test new solutions to gain customer insight and feedback.  >>>


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Develop Serendipity

To develop serendipity, adopt an attitude of a Loving Creator, keep your mind open, and be prepared to discover entrepreneurial opportunities for value innovation any time and everywhere... More