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Best Practices, Case Studies, Success Stories "KoRe" stands for "Kotelnikov's recipe"


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Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools help difference-makers to:

Innovation Project Management

  1. invent new things  >>>

  2. solve problems creatively  >>>

  3. design innovative entrepreneurial strategies  >>>

  4. anticipate change and your opponents' moves  >>>

  5. build synergies  >>>

Skill Building

  1. boost entrepreneurial creativity  >>>

  2. master systematic and systems thinking  >>>

  3. train and evaluate the strength of an innovation team  >>>

The widely used Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Toolset was not branded initially. Having created it, I called it '10 Metaphoric Tools', I fine-tuned it on my own innovative projects first. Then I used this method in corporate trainings to help my clients develop super-effective business strategies, create synergistic innovations and/or solve complex problems.

Every application of the 10 Metaphoric Tools produced truly insightful, inspiring and empowering results.

When I published information about the '10 Metaphoric Tools' at my website, my Singapore-based partner suggested to brand it. He wrote:


KoRe10 Business Toolset (V.1.15)

Kore10 is one word

Hi Vadim
Take a look at this name.
"Ko" for your name.
"Re" completes the visual and anecdotal meaning for the "RE" in co"RE"

"10" for number principles
and Business Toolset for Business Tools.
(V.1.15) for the first version in 2015.

In just this naming only you would have a new brand, new Business principles and a catchy memorable name....

I am suggesting this name because Metaphorical in English usually means something used instead of... Used otherwise it is meaningless. If you wish to use it differently... you will have to define it. Since you have to define it for your usage, then it is better to make up your own word. It is removes the confusion that is likely if someone sees the word and not your definition.

If the truth be told however, many persons do not know what metaphorical really means and will miss both your new definition or the old meaning. The wisdom therefore in using your own word is that of it is doing it should be done well and because some Smarty somewhere will take you to task and say, I thought you were using metaphors.


I thanked my partner for the great idea and inspiration. Then I sang the song 'Friends Will Be Friends'. Then I added meaning to "Re" ‒ recipe. Finally, I specified that 'KoRe 10" is about innovative thinking. Done!

But not finished! I renamed my "Top 10 Tips" chapter to "KoRe 10 Tips". Other applications of the brand "Kore" will follow.




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