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In today's overcrowded marketplace, being just excellent is not enough. You must also be remarkable  and rememberable. You must create your personal brand.

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Personal Logo

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Meaning: Sourcing and Giving

My personal logo communicates three things: ① "V" for Vadim; ② Helping people and companies grow; ③ Sourcing inspiration and insights from the Universe and channeling them to people.





Vadim Kotelnikov quotes If you stop learning you stop creating history and become history.  

I felt uncomfortable with applying the word 'quotes' to myself. It was also preventing me from venturing into some new areas. So I was searching for a better alternative and suddenly the word "Kosages" came to my mind.

This short, functional, synergistic and differentiated word integrates the three keywords (Kotelnikov, sage, message) and strengthens my personal brand.


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  INNOBALL innovation brainball entrepreneurial simulation game

Innovation Brainball (INNOBALL) entrepreneurial simulation game boosts strategic thinking, anticipation skill and inventiveness, makes it possible to assess innopreneurial team quickly, and implement radical projects far more successfully.



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KoRe 10 metaphoric Innovative Thinking Tools (10 KITT) help streamline ideation process, synegize ideas, and explain the essence of the solution to outsiders quickly. 10 KITT are 'small giants' of Innompic Games, creation show and spoken innovation.


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