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Great Benefits

An open-minded attitude helps you turn unexpected happenings to discoveries, new knowledge to possibilities, problems to opportunities, and failures to



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If you stop learning, exploring and discovering, you stop creating history and become history.

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KoRe 10 Tips for Creating an Open-Minded Attitude




Adopt a beginner mindset. Don't be a prisoner of your knowledge; get rid of the “I already know it” attitude. The world, humans and most things are too complicated to be understood fully. Free you mind from fixed ideas, judgment, prejudice, bias and suspicion.

  Vadim Kotelnikov : Learn to unlearn. You need to look at the things inside and outside you with new eyes if you want to make discoveries.

Be observant, keep your eyes open at all times and enjoy making discoveries. Look at people, business, processes, nature and everything else like a complete stranger – they are all doors to inspiration and new discoveries.

  Vadim Kotelnikov quotes ideation It's not me who pulls ideas of myself, it's ideas who pull me out of myself.



If you love what you do, love to create innovative value, and keep your mind open, your life journey will be full of discoveries and creative achievements.




Look for opportunities everywhere. There exist limitless opportunities in every industry, market or society – open your mind to discover them.

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  Inspirational opportunity quotes Search for opportunities always and everywhere – and opportunities will search for you. Vadim Kotelnikov artphoto photogram



To open your eyes, open your mind.
To open your mind, silence your ego.




Think like a child – kids don’t think in terms of limits, neither they erect barriers; they are open to limitless possibilities and are willing to explore them.

  Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Raise above clouds



Looking deeper for a solution is intelligence.

Looking wider is creativity.

Looking higher is enlightenment.





Be willing to try new things and analyze feedback curiously.

To develop serendipity, adopt an attitude of a Loving Creator, keep your mind open, and be prepared to discover entrepreneurial opportunities for value innovation any time and everywhere.

  Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Strive and benefit from every experience - if you succeed, celebrate, if you fail, grow



Your ability to spot problems can be a catalyst of your achievements or a source of your unhappiness.

Action makes the difference!

4 Levels of Problem Solving




Open your eyes and mind to new insights, discoveries and inspirations. Develop serendipity – be prepared to make unexpected or accidental discoveries any time. Be curious and optimistic. Ask searching questions.  >>>

  Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Ask searching questions to innovate forward. If you have answers, you stagnate.



Adopt a mindset of continuous improvement – every part of your knowledge is not perfect and needs enhancement.

Be creatively dissatisfied with the status quo to be able to spot hidden problems and opportunities for innovation.

  Vadim Kotelnikov jokes funny photo Pisa tower improvement opportunity

Look wider. If you focus on a barrier to overcome, you miss opportunities to explore other ways to move forward. Be willing to hear and consider new ideas. Be a student, listen with an open mind. Be receptive to different ideas or opinions of others. Know how to synergize diverse ideas.

  Best Opportunity quotes look wider Vadim Kotelnikov Magomed Gamzatov India




Treat every problem as a dark box with an exciting opportunity hidden inside it. To discover that opportunity, you must turn your flashlight – you positive mindset – on.

  Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Think positively



Whatever you have achieved so far,
you can achieve millions times more!




Treat every failure as a valuable feedback that helps you discover a better way.

Treat every success as a step up that opens new horizons and helps to discover next-level opportunities.

  Vadim Kotelnikov quotes self-motivation, every new day is an exciting chance