Clarify your website's purpose. Start with asking yourself “Why do I need a website?” and list major desired benefits you want to get from your website. Set smart and measurable goals. For instance, your goals could be to improve brand awareness and brand appeal, increase sales, generate more leads, increase conversion rates, or reduce overhead.

Define your targeted audience – the target audience determines what content you present and how.

Learn from others. Study what your competitors and non-competitors do and write down the things you like most about their approach, design, content, and tools.




Develop a clear structure. Produce a sitemap of your proposed web content. The site should be easy to navigate. Visitors should find information in as little clicks as possible.

Provide great customer-focused content. Develop content consistent with your business mission and goals, focused on customer needs, and write with calls to action in mind. Create attractive headlines.

Stimulate action. Have a call to action on every page. Every page should be making your visitor act on something. Maybe it’s to watch a demo, view your credentials, or to purchase something. Whatever it is, make it known to the user.




Introduce yourself informally. Add an about us page. When a prospective consumer or partner selects a company to do business with, they like to know who they’ll be working with. Add business bios and pictures of your team. Show also you are a real human being with your visions, passions and hobbies.

Use visuals. Use graphic content and multimedia to support your message, but don’t overdo it. White spaces are also important in communications. In addition, too large images slow page loading for people with poor connections.

Make it searchable. Offer easily searchable content; have a 'search engine' box at the top of every page.

Engage visitors. Make your website interactive. Engage customers and other visitors. Allow visitors to interact with you and others; host a discussion forum or start a blog – it may encourage visitors to drop in more often.  >>>


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