Every successful entrepreneur has an outside-the-box vision.

A great business grows out of entrepreneurial passion of a creative victor towards s/his inspiring entrepreneurial vision.

Have a big, daring and inspiring entrepreneurial vision! Be a disruptive visionary of your industry!

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Your Guide to the Future

If the desire to get rich was the only thing that made you start the entrepreneurial journey, your business will never make you happy.

Do you have a vision? You need an enduring one to motivate and guide you through the challenges you will face in your startup project.




It is extremely important to have an inspiring, compelling and clear-cut entrepreneurial vision before you even begin launching your business. For a would-be entrepreneur having a vision is a starting point, because vision shapes a business model and leads to a start-up business plan that launches the entrepreneurial endeavor.

Your clear vision of the future you want to create will inspire you, guide you, and help you produce amazing tangible results. It will become a passion that drives you forward and gives your life, business, goals, and actions both purpose and meaning.



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Innompic Games

The vision of INNOMPIC GAMES is to turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators. This inspiring vision helped me to launch a civilizational breakthrough and to make Innompic Games a relentless trend setter and  the World's #1 in target areas.






Your Venturepreneurial Flight

Create an inspiring vision of the desired future that will guide and motivate you,

Keep your vision in your mind when you create smaller parts.

Believe in yourself and your mission because your burning belief is the bridge between impossible and possible... More











Dream Power in Business

Many business owners work really hard without getting very far because they don't have an inspiring long term vision that leads them, step-by-step, into the future of their dreams... More

Increase Your Thinking Power Millionfold!

The main function of your big dream and passion is actually subconscious. Why? Because your inspiring and compelling vision of the future engages your subconscious mind that works works faster than your conscious mind. When it's turned on, you  invent amazing things and gain amazing insights effortlessly... More

A Creative Visualization Practice Tip

To create an inspiring and action-oriented entrepreneurial vision, imagine that your startup is a great success three years from now.

You are being interviewed by a popular TV channel. They want you to explain how you came to select your business idea, what was your initial entrepreneurial dream, what setbacks and why did you experience on your way to success, and what factors were the most important in your success with this venture. They also want you to explain which personality traits, attitudes and skills are the most important for successfully starting a business. They ask you to explain how your personality is suited to this endeavor, and how you acquired some vital attitudes and skills you missed initially.

Write a brief but precise answer to each of these questions and deliver your winner’s speech – initially to the person in the mirror, and then to your mentor(s).

Engage Stakeholders

You will not get very far unless you can convince the key stakeholders to share your vision of a your start-up’s future. Do your best to explain the vision to your people and business partners and get their commitment.