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7 MUST-DOs of Design Thinking
for Value Innovation

Strive to make customer experience most delightful





Love for customers is the springhead of the cascade of innovations and the river of revenues. Love your customers to get inspired and strive to make customer experience most delightful and beneficial for them


Focus on making your customers' lives better. Empathize with customers to gain deep understanding of their wants and what would benefits them most. Look at the world through their eyes, empathize with their feelings, dreams and thoughts.


When you invent a new solution, map out the stages that your customers go through and make that experience joyful and delighting.  Partner with customers, engage them as co-innovators.


Start the design process with empathy toward your target audience, and new opportunities for value innovation will keep opening up.


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Beta-test your innovative design to discover its real market value and the value of its various performance features. Observe users to discover how representatives of diverse customer segments find different benefits and inconveniences in your new design.


Improve your design based on the discoveries made and insights gained during beta-testing.


Just creating an innovative design and value is not enough. You must also know how to market and sell innovations, especially radical innovations. Synergize various virtuoso marketing approaches. Invent creative marketing actions to arouse curiosity and amaze your customers. Use empathetic marketing to engage your customers on deeper emotional levels.


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