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Be Daring!

Your big dream and entrepreneurial action can do wonders!

Pursue your true passion. Don't sit on your dream – start moving! Every step forward will open new horizons – and you will learn to fly!



Vadim Kotelnikov teachings

The difference between "impossible" and "possible" is inside yourself.

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An inspiring vision, flaming enthusiasm, and entrepreneurial persistence are the three qualities that, if synergized, make for outstanding success.

Your inspiring vision will not only motivate and guide you through the challenges you will face in your venture.

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Vadim Kotelnikov achievement quotes Stretch yourself you can achieve millions times more


Vadim Kotelnikov quotes The greatest achievers are those who are old enough to be wise, and young enough to believe they can change the world.






Start with Visualizing the Desired Future

Strategic creative visualization is also a powerful self-motivation tool that keeps your purpose on track and helps you achieve your stretch goal.


Visualize the Desired Future You Want to Create

Dream Big Dreams




Vadim Kotelnikov teachings

Don't talk about problems, talk about opportunities.

Be creatively dissatisfied and open-minded.

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Venturepreneurial Flight

Use the iterative 3Bs approach to strategic creativity: Brainstill, Barainstorm, Brainstill. First, Brainstill to visualise the big picture of the desired future your want to create. Then Brainstorm to invent strategies that are to help you to achieve the desired future state. Afterwards, Brainstill again to see if these strategies would really lead you to your vision... More

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Dare to live − dare to pursue your dream, dare to love, dare to make a difference! Vadim Kotelnikov quote





< Great Achiever: 8 Winning Habits


Put your goals in writing in order to:




Best Practices, Case Studies, Success Stories KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

Smart analogues help you take a new perspective, inspire creative thinking and describe your ideas to others... More

Be persistent strategically, yet flexible tactically.
Balance Yin and Yang entrepreneurial strategies dynamically. Stay strategically focused on your vision. Create positive strategic change proactively, yet be ready to adapt your tactics to constantly changing environment.
Your strategic flexibility is your balancing pole that will help you to achieve your stretch goals.

You are unique, so be unique! Don't let the vanity cacophony mute your life symphony.

COCA Principle of Achievement

7 Paradoxical Rules of True Success

The main function of your big dream and passion is actually subconscious.


Because your inspiring and compelling vision of the future you want to create engages your subconscious mind which works millions times faster than your conscious mind.

Awaken Your Subconscious Power

When your subconscious is turned on, you invent amazing things and gain amazing insights effortlessly.

To unlock your true potential, keep stretching yourself –  choose progressively more challenging tasks.

Learning SWOT Questions

Attitude and Courageous Entrepreneurial Action

Your attitude controls every aspect of your life. It is your attitude at the beginning of any task that, more than anything else, affects the outcome. Any skill is taught with little difficulty if you have the proper attitude. That’s why the proper attitude tops the list of priorities when a company hires a person.

Explore what you really care for and pursue the same. Start the journey towards your vision and the creation process simply by dreaming it. "Everything you can imagine is real,“ said Pablo Picasso. Allow your mind to take that leap into the realm of the impossible. Dream big dreams to expand your horizons, lift your vision to the highest degree and achieve amazing results. Believe you are capable of anything your heart and mind can agree upon. A big dream will always be in front of you in the future to guide your actions and serve as an unlimited source of inspiration.

A powerful, positive can-do attitude, energy and the willpower to get things done is the fuel you need to pursue your dreams. Do not second-guess yourself. Have no doubt in your personal potential. You have a great wealth of potential that is just waiting to be tapped. Believe in yourself. Face challenges head on with tenacity and enthusiasm. Give yourself a positive pep talk every morning to refuel yourself with a powerful attitude and have more energy to accomplish your tasks for the day.

Stay Focused

Learn from the lens that focuses sun's rays to produce fire. To win, you must have a strong focus. You can have anything you want but you cannot have everything you want. Focus is everything. Only do things you are best at doing. Stay focused on your vision and stretch goals... More

Strategic Flexibility

In today's rapidly changing world, your strategic flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly when you see that a particular strategy isn’t working constitutes a key success factor for you... More

Great Learner


Dream big dreams, commit to your true passion,
and you will learn to fly!



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Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Move stars in the sky in the desired direction

The simplest way to achieve your strategic goals

Having made a strategic decision, start moving the stars in the sky in the desired directions.

Have you ever did this?

I did − it works!








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Positive Affirmations for Passion, Inspiration, Love

Positive Affirmations

I bring joy, harmony and light to this World.

Everything I need is already within me.

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