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Dream big dreams, commit to your true passion, and you will learn to fly! Vadim Kotelnikov quotes

Create an inspiring vision, unlock your creativity, and
grow the experimentation habit


Create a Great Vision

Make a Difference!

Vision is your ability to foresee the future and create it. Envision the future. It will help you to fast-forward to the destination. Get clear about who it is you want to be. Look into your heart to discover what you really want to achieve in your life.

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart ... Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." ~ Carl Jung

Keep stretch in your vision and combine it with a good strategy. Success and achievement result from both high-level thinking about issues of vision, as well as more detailed, step-by-step planning about how to achieve that vision.

7 Paradoxical Rules of True Success

Be Creative!

3 Pillars of Creativity

To motivate yourself, imagine your two alternative lives: If you donít create new things, where will you be in five years? If you keep creating new things, where will you be?

ďIf you want to succeed, you have to forge new paths and avoid borrowed ones.Ē ~ John Rockefeller

Your life has a lot of interesting things you can leverage, shape into your story and become a star. What are you passionate about?

Discover Your True Passion

What can you do right now to act more like a creative person you wish to be and get closer to your inspiring vision?

Find an accountability partner who will make you want to rebel, advance, and succeed.

Amazing Learner

Entrepreneurial Creativity: 4 Keys

Uncreative Person: 10 Lack-Ofs

Grow the Action and Experimentation Habit

Donít wait until conditions are perfect Ė they never will. The best time to start is now If you have a good idea you really believe in, act on it. Unless you take action nothing will happen by itself.

Have confidence in yourself to have initiative to go forward. Take the first step even if you donít see the whole path. Do a lot of experiments and learn from feedback. Feedback is the foundation of success.

The Magic of Action

"Donít be afraid of the trial-and-error approach." ~ Estee Lauder.

Have the guts to stick with your big ideas, but be a flexible thinker. If things go wrong analyze the feedback you get and decide what you can do differently for a better result next time.

The Magic of Your Attitude

Keep also your eyes open for new opportunities that will inevitably emerge as soon as you start experimentations. The more experiments you make the better. The possibilities are numerous once you decide to act and learn from feedback.

Achievement-oriented people like to monitor improvements made. Track your progress, celebrate every small victory, and proceed rapidly to the next one.