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Contextual Value Proposition

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Contextual Customer Value Proposition - Benefit-Cost Ratio (BCR)




Surprise To Win


Creating effective contextual value and differentiation messages

Three Steps

  1. Describe the key customer benefits

  2. Differentiate your product

  3. Motivate with a great benefit-cost ratio (BCR)

Effective Slogan: WOW Principle

What value you create for your target audience

Outstanding feature of your business/product

Why people should choose you; your competitive advantage

Create and Communicate an Effective Value Proposition

A value proposition is a sentence that tells your prospects why they should

  • buy something, and

  • buy from you and not your competitors.

There are two types of value that customers want to know about:

  1. Generic Value: how you solve a specific cause in a common way

  2. Unique Value: how you solve a specific cause differently, better, cheaper, or faster than your competitors.

Your ability to communicate customer relevant both generic and differentiated value creates solution centric and sales ready messaging. Youíll have a distinct competitive advantage if you can break down the prospectís needs into its key underlying causes, map your solutionís capabilities to those causes, clearly communicate your correct understanding of the prospectsí problems, needs and wants, and then explicitly define your contextual value and differentiation.

From a customerís perspective, if the perceived value of an offering is greater than the perceived costs, the purchase is worthwhile. Costs include price and barriers to change. Benefits include need satisfaction, differentiated advantages and emotional attractiveness.





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