The route from a great idea to great success is never a straight line, it's a virtuous spiral.

Virtuous Spiral is a recurring cycle of events, the result of each one being to provide a fertile ground for and increase the beneficial effect of the next.

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Vadim Kotelnikov teachings

Innovation is never about just one idea however great it is. It's a virtuous spiral of ideas inspired by simulation, experimentations and market learning.

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An innovative idea is the "A" letter of the innovation journey, entrepreneurial execution is the "B-to-Z" part of it.

An innovative business idea is a surprise seed: you work on growing it into an envisioned fruit tree, but it transforms into something very different as it grows along a virtuous spiral path.




The Universal Law of

states that cycles are a natural part of the universe. Take note of and harmonise the rhythms in the outside world and your inner rhythms.

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Vadim Kotelnikov teachings

Excellence is not a destination, it is a virtuous-spiral process: improve, learn from feedback, move to the next spiral coil.

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Virtuous SADR Turn

Strategize → Act → Discover → Reassess

Entrepreneurial venture evolves from an entrepreneurial idea towards entrepreneurial vision along a virtuous spiral path.

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Virtuous Spiral of Achievement - Stop to think to move faster  

Stop To Think

When we stop to think, we realize that we should move to a higher curve of the virtuous circle of our life and/or business.

① Ask learning SWOT questions

② Brainstill-Brainstorm-Brainstill (3Bs)

③ Play simulation game




Learning SWOT Questions

This is an outside-the-box use of the classic SWOT Analysis.

Ask learning SWOT questions after a bold entrepreneurial action to come up with next-level strategies and actions.

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Vadim Kotelnikov

Coaching by Example: Inventing New Concepts

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On my passionate life-mission journey of turning the Earth to the Planet of Loving creators, I invent something new every day.





The IG Story and the sample list of my 18 conceptual inventions made within just one month illustrate this relentless inventive process.

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My Venturepreneurial Flight

Every innovative concept evolves as virtuous spiral.




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Having learnt how to engage my subconscious mind that works 100,000,000+ times faster, I wake up every morning with new ideas. I work on this vague concept during the day time to structure in and build on it. Next morning, I wake up with next coil ideas. And so on. That's how my virtuous spiral of inventive thinking work.