The PAST is the FUTURE Ė a good future for those who draw good lessons from the past.



  Keep Learning and Growing

Don't strive to be better than everyone else, strive to be better than you were yesterday.

Keep learning forward, for if you stop learning, you stop creating history and become history.

Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Strive to be better than you were yesterday


GREATbody Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Loving Creator don't be just somebody, be greatbody

  Fate gives nothing but opportunities to grow wiser, stronger and kinder.Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Strive and benefit from every experience - if you succeed, celebrate, if you fail, growVadim Kotelnikov Most Useful Dictionary Problem is not a trouble it is an opportunity to grow

What I love a lot about self-discovery is that
it is not an event, itís an exciting lifelong journey

Vadim Kotelnikov quote creator photogramVadim Kotelnikov geniusBest Miracle quotes Vadim Kotelnikov The greatest miracle is yourself

Vadim Kotelnikov Self-discovery quotes Every journey should lead to new spiritual heights Best News quotes The most important news are inside yourself, Vadim Kotelnikov, Ksenia KotelnikovaVadim KOtelnikov quotes Great achievers sompete with themselves, not others, Cambodia Angkor





Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Set a narrow goal, and you'll reach the ceiling. Dream big dreams, and you'll reach the stars.Денис Котельников Vadim Kotelnikov quoites, passion inspiring coach, photogram, Dennis KotelnikoДенис Котельников Burning Belief quotes, Vadim Kotelnikov Denis, Вадим


A bit humorous, but still very empowering advices


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Creative selfie, mirror, wings, Vadim Kotelnikov, You can fly

Vadim Kotelnikov innovation jokes Don't copy others - do unusual things




Wise Believer

The Power of Belief

The greatest achievers are those who are old enough to be wise, and young enough to believe they can change the world >>> 

Burning belief
is the jumping pole that vaults you
from doing the difficult to doing the impossible.