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The brain has always been the primary vehicle of achievements and growth
both in life and business. It is even more so in
today's intellectual economy
driven by
knowledge, creativity and innovation.


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Kore 10 Tips for Serendipity

Be sagacious enough to link together apparently innocuous facts in order gain a breakthrough insight... More

Kore 10 Tips Kore 10 Tips

  1. Be a high-level thinker consistently focus on self-discovery, your vision and life mission.

  2. Build your cross-functional excellence a system-wide multi-disciplinary and synergistic approach to any challenge delivers the best solutions.

  3. Adopt a positive attitude: in every situation, look for opportunities to make things better radically or incrementally; in every negotiation or conflict, think win-win; in every change, problem or failure, look for a gift for you.

  4. Start with an open mind and a burning desire to change something. Think about what you do want to achieve. Your thoughts determine your reality.

  5. Unlock  your creativity: think differently and laterally, look for creative solutions and opportunities in every problem. Use Kore 10 innovative thinking tools to diversify your thinking strategies.

  6. Take different views of a situation look at the same landscape from different angles and with different eyes to gain new insights.

  7. Look for synergies between various ideas, know-hows, players, processes and delivery forms to achieve breakthrough results.  >>>

  8. Engage your inner genius you powerful subconscious mind: follow intensive brainstorming with complete relaxation. If you really want to achieve something, your subconscious mind awakens and starts generating brilliant solutions.  >>>

  9. Make smart & fast decisions: stay strategically focused, but be flexible, like water; strive to achieve more with less. Reassess your past decisions periodically to stay in sync with constantly changing environment.

  10. Balance action and reflection, positive and negative thinking, divergent and convergent thinking, left and right brain activity, vertical and lateral thinking, hard thinking and relaxation.



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Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools help individuals and innovation teams invent new things, manage ideation, and implement innovation projects

Simulation game "Innovation Chess" helps innovation leaders and project managers strengthen and synergize most important areas of innovation

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