Daily Exercise #1

Take time to think like an almighty Creator ─ because you are!

You are who you are for a higher reason. Discover that reason!

Self-Discovery quote Vadim Kotelnikov Take time to think like an almighty Creator ─ because you are!




  Win Wisely

Prepare to win.

To be amazingly successful, develop a daring yet flexible strategic plan to follow an act on it enthusiastically, yet wisely.

How To Win Wisely, learn from David, Vadim Kotelnikov quotes



  Jump In

Jump in! Whether it's lucky or not, the first step is the biggest step forward.

The first step turns the inertia of rest into the inertia of motion, opens news horizons, excites, enthuses and energizes, creates a winner's attitude and mindset.

The first step quotes the biggest step forward Vadim Kotelnikov



The first step towards your big dream, inspirational vision or a stretch goal is always a correct move.


Vadim Kotelnikov storry Innovation journey prepare to win Innoball simulation game



Winners take action,
losers fake action.

Be a winner!
Start climbing towards your dream every step up will open new exciting horizons!

Don't sit on your dream  start moving! Every step up will open new horizons! Vadim Kotelnikov, photogram





  Winners prepare to win, losers prepare to lose.

  Choose right weapons. Learn from David: if a Goliath attacks you, evade fighting in his style, conquer him with a weapon he is defenseless against.  >>>

  Failure is an opportunity to grow wiser, get better prepared to win and make the next step towards success.



 Vadim Kotelnikov : Learn to unlearn. You need to look at the things inside and outside you with new eyes if you want to make discoveries.Vadim Kotelnikov Self-discovery quotes Every journey should lead to new spiritual heights    Vadim Kotelnikov quotes New day brings new song, new song brings new day




You came to this world
with your unique mission
− don't let vanity cacophony
mute your life symphony!

Vadim Kotelnikov life advice Live so that remote descendants remembered the current king just because you lived during his period of rule great life quotes






There are no non-genius people,
there are dormant genii.

If your genius is a sleeping beauty,
kiss her!

Dream big dream, commit to your true passion and you will learn to fly Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Planet of Loving Creators




Be brave and proactive
life is too short to waste it
on fears and procrastination.

Vadim Kotelnikov selfiegram live to be remembered




Create change!

Everything can and should be taken to the next level.

Why not by you

Best Change quotes, Vadim Kotelnikov, If you don't changge the World, why do you exist at all?






Dare to be your true self!

Dare to live  
− dare to pursue your big dream,

dare to love,
dare to make a difference

Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Set a narrow goal, and you'll reach the ceiling. Dream big dreams, and you'll reach the stars.




See yourself as a visionary leader,
your vision will lead you.

Life is a self-service shop Mission Passion Vadim Kotelnikov life advice quotes




Your mission, values and guiding principles are your roots.

Keep your roots healthy and strong if you want to produce great fruits!

Vadim Kotelnikov best life advice soul mind heart




Love to lead, grow, stretch and coach yourself. Love to challenge yourself and address these challenges creatively.  Love to motivate yourself, enjoy your creative journey, and celebrate both big and small victories.

Self-leadership quote joke Vadim Kotelnikov I love to lead muyself - the audience is very receptive and friendly







Don't be afraid to take a noble risk,
be afraid not to be brave enough to take a noble risk.


 Paradoxical Rules of Success: You move faster when you stop to think Vadim Kotelnikov




See yourself as a victor. Conquer your fears! Believe that everything can be changed and approach impossible as possible.

Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Winners vs. losers #winner




Believe in yourself and your unlimited capabilities. As soon as you believe in yourself and your unlimited capabilities, anything is possible for you.

Courage quotes Burning Belief makes impossible possible Vadim Kotelnikov Денис Котельников #belief






Develop a strong positive self-image. Visualize a person you want to be commit to this vision. List your core life values and stay true to them

Self-improvement quotes Strive to be better than you were yesterday. Vadim Kotelnikov photogram #selfimprovement




Don't focus on problems, focus on opportunities. Treat every challenge, problem and failure as an opportunity to learn, emerge stronger and grow.

Life Transformation quote Vadim Kotelnikov your fate gives you nothing bu opportunities to grow wiser, stronger and kinder #fate #lifetransformation




Be an optimist. Believe that there is always a way win a battle and you are capable to find this way. Believe in your your smartness and ability to win wisely.

Prepare To Win quotes Vadim Kotelnikov choose right weapons learn from David






Do what you are afraid to do.  Prepare to win, start moving, and
never give up.

Prepare to Win





Simulation games build self-confidence far better than planning. Play a simulation game to anticipate challenges and invent victorious strategies for dealing with them.

Win Wisely Innoball simulation game Innovation Football Brainball Vadim Kotelnikov




Make a difference!
Jump in and start moving! Take risk and see the journey as an exciting and educational experiment.

Do impossible quotes conquer your fears Vadim Kotelnikov




Stretch yourself! Do something impossible to discover your inner power and spread your wings! Focus on the goal and on how to get there, not on your fears.

Vadim Kotelnikov advice how to create miracles channel your energy towards your goal





Be a Victor    Prepare to Win    Win Wisely