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Be a HOSTer

Help Others Succeed and Thrive



Vadim Kotelnikov

To me, any activity for the benefit of others and/or the world is a prayer in action.

Vadim Kotelnikov


Growing Demand for

In today’s world – where ideas, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship rule and so many people and companies are looking for new ways to get ahead and stand out – the need for smart advisors who help others succeed and thrive is unprecedented. >>>

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Vadim Kotelnikov Santa Klaus

Be always Santa inside
– make others happy, and you'll be happy!

Vadim Kotelnikov



Be an Expert

Become an expert in your field. Exchange ideas with top professionals in your field regularly to keep current with the vast changes that are constantly taking place.

Do your best to find out exactly what your prospect’s problems are and develop creative breakthrough solutions for them. 

Don't be a star, be THE SUN!





Stretch Yourself and Others

Stretch your goals and your goals will stretch you.  >>>

Don't try to be a star − be a Sun! Lift people higher towards their dreams. Help people set stretch goals and start moving towards them, and they will achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.

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You will all find lasting happiness if you turn this self-stretching practice into a habit. You will discover your unlimited capabilities that have long been waiting for opportunities to reveal themselves. You will be able to create your fate >>> 

Smile inside out, think outside in.





Business Applications

Empowering leadership is about helping employees grow and shine.  >>>

Innovation is about creating greater customer value.

To create customers, innovate proactively ‒imagine the best possible customer experience and strive to achieve it.  >>>

Members of a passionate team care for the needs of their customers, show empathy, sincerely appreciate customers make them feel valued, and strive to help them succeed.

White marketing is not about selling a product, it is about helping customers succeed and thrive.










MAD song

Some people spend their life in plazas,
For others beer’s the upmost goal.
But I create great things for others
Their gratitude rewards my soul.
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Thought Leader

Help people by giving out your knowledge. Giving is getting. If you want to grow as a leader, help your followers grow and shine. Let them participate and showcase their knowledge and ideas too.  >>>

Vadim Kotelnikov Wei Di Chinese name "Great Emperor"

Your Most Useful Dictionary

Leadership is not about shining, it is about helping others shine... More

KoRe 10 Reasons to Choose Love

Without Love, you can listen, but not hear.

With Love, you can understand without being told... More

Leadership Kosages

Giving is getting.
If you want to grow as a leader, help your people grow and shine.