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BE MAD Be Different and Make a Difference! 6+6 Drivers of an Entrepreneur Dream Big Dreams How To Discover Opportunities Innovation Is Love 1000ventures Disruptive Innopreneurs Create Customer Value Create Custoomers BE MAD - Be Entrepreneurial! Make A Difference! Vadim Kotelnikov  

Achieve Impossible!

The wilder your idea,

the lesser competition,

the stronger buyers' resistance,

the greater your victory!




Vadim Kotelnikov

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Vadim Kotelnikov

The only three things you need to change the World are vision, passion, and action.

Vadim Kotelnikov


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Dare to challenge assumptions, defy convention and break rules – the best solutions are not in the outside world, they are inside yourself.

Self-reciprocity Law

Stretch your goals, and your goals will stretch you














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Vadim Kotelnikov

The wilder your idea, the lesser competition, the stronger buyers' resistance, the greater your victory!

Vadim Kotelnikov






Be Entrepreneurial (BE)

Be an extraordinary visionary, missionary and passionate person who habitually spots opportunities, creates and delivers great innovative value to other people.

Search for opportunities always and everywhere – and opportunities will search for you. If you treat problems as problems, they are problems; if you treat problems as opportunities, they are opportunities.

Entrepreneur: 3 Distinctive Features

Love people, love your customers and be a HOSTer  ‒ Help People Succeed and Thrive ‒ if you want to succeed and feel happy. Love cultivates a burning desire to make your dear ones happier and sparks your entrepreneurial creativity.

Innovation Is Love

Treat all your successes and failures as great learning opportunities and stepping stones to your great entrepreneurial vision.

Remember, it’s not enough just to create great value – you must also overcome resistance of your prospects to change and create customers for your innovative solution.

Make a Difference (MAD)

Dare to LIVE!

No challenge, no breakthroughs. Losers fit in, winners stand out >>>

Surprise To Win

Stand out from the crowd.

Stretch your goals, and your goals will stretch you

Embark on challenging journeys on which no one has yet embarked. You’ll create opportunities for yourself to discover new things – including your own unlimited capabilities – if you do something seemingly impossible. Start ambitious disruptive projects and see them through from start to finish. Genius ideas often occur in the pursuit of something that others think to be absolutely crazy.

Create unusual things to unlock your true potential, live a happier life, make other people happier, and make our planet a greater place.





Today is all about being unique yourself, making a difference, embracing entrepreneurship and changing the world.

If you want to create miracles, don't channel your energy towards your fears, channel your energy towards your dreams!


MAD song

Though many live without a vision,
My way in life is not to fake.
I'll bring my big dreams to fruition –
I have a difference to make!...



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You are unique, so be unique! Don't let the vanity cacophony mute your life symphony! Vadim Kotelnikov quotes on innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship


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