IT Governance: 4 Steps - Plan, Implement, Deliver, Monitor

ICT Governance in SMEs: Keys To Success

  1. Develop an IT mission, goals and objectives that are aligned with and support the enterprise mission, goals and objectives. >>>

Benefits of e-Business

ICT Trends: Market Shifts

  1. Develop a plan to improve the company’s IT governance activities.

  2. Indicate two or three alternative approaches that the enterprise may take, and outline the pros and cons of each as well as their anticipated one-time and annual costs.

  3. Develop strategic and tactical IT plans to operationalize the IT strategy.

  4. Ensure that every major IT governance initiative has an executive sponsor.

  5. Activate participation of all managers in IT steering committees.

  6. Trust is not less important than control issues.

  7. Developed metrics to monitor and evaluate performance of the IT function.

  8. Obtain the information necessary for IT penetration assessment through a questionnaire supported with interviews.

  9. Map the assessment of the IT penetration against the enterprise’s strategic goals and objectives and perform a gap analysis.