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  Great Achiever: 8 Winning Habits


Top 10 Tips KoRe 10 Tips

  1. Dream big dreams. You live as you believe. Dream of great possibilities for yourself, for your dear ones, or for your business. Dream big dreams and believe that it is possible.

  2. Create value for others. Strive to make people happier. Giving is getting – the more you give the greater you feel about yourself and about the world, and the more you succeed.

  3. Adopt the can-do attitude. You’ll become truly successful if you adopt "I can do it!" as your life motto. Believe in your ability to cope with challenges and succeed.

  4. Start moving, keep going. Take action! Jump in and keep going! Learn from feedback and improve your skills as you go. Every step you take will open new horizons! Every experiment you do will help you get smarter and stronger.

4 Levels of Problem Solving

  1. Love what you do. Fall in love with what you do, and success will fall in love with you! If you love what you do, there will be no difficult tasks, only interesting ones.

  2. Stretch yourself. Do something impossible to unlock your inner power and spread your wings!

7 Paradoxical Rules of True Success

  1. Focus of feedback. If you achieved a success, it's a learning opportunity. If you failed, it's a learning opportunity.

Discover Opportunities: 4 Approaches

  1. Stay positive. The keys to success are hidden in dark places, but you have a flashlight to find them – it’s your positive mindset. Turn in on!  >>>

  2. Be a Victor! Losers approach possible as impossible. Winners approach impossible as possible.

  3. Keep learning to keep winning. Learn continuously! If you stop learning, you stop creating history and become history.  >>>


Wise Listening: 3 Levels


Make doing nothing but the best your habit and you will enjoy nothing but the best in your life. Vadim Kotelnikov quote



Creative Achjiever

The keys to success are hidden in dark places, but you have
a flashlight to find them – it's your positive mindset. Turn it on!

Opportunity Affirmations: I turn every experines into an opportunity   Positive Affirmations: I Have Everything I need To Succeed   Positive Affirmations Enjoy Learning