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Effective Slogan: WOW Principle

What value you create for your target audience

Outstanding feature of your business/product

Why people should choose you; your competitive advantage

Creating effective contextual value and differentiation messages

Three Steps

  1. Describe the key customer benefits

  2. Differentiate your product

  3. Motivate with a great benefit-cost ratio (BCR)

  1. Love your prospects and strive to make their life happier.

  2. Imagine the best possible customer experience and strive to achieve it.

  3. Know the needs of your prospects, but focus on creating new desires.

  4. Know your competitors, but focus on creating unique customer value.

Surprise To Win

  1. Differentiate your company; create brand attributes that appeal to the subconscious mind of your prospects and are easy to remember.

  2. Differentiate your product, make it remarkable and appealing.

  3. Find the way to make your prospects dissatisfied with what they how now.

  4. Inspire your prospects with radically new possibilities and ignite a burning desire for something more exciting.  >>>

  5. Offer your product in a seducing way; emphasize benefits; focus on emotional drivers; appeal to as many senses as possible.

  6. Make your product buzz-worthy by exceeding customer expectations.



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