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Laughter is a master key to success. It helps you spread joy, connect with people, remove tensions, learn joyfully, heal diseases, and conquer adversaries.

How to be Witty

Create Memorable Humorous Phrases


Humour-powered Education: Laughter and Fun are master keys to accelerated joyful learning Vadim Kotelnikov



Vadim Kotelnikov

Mosquitoes are ambassadors of happiness for those who think that happiness is to scratch itches.

Vadim Kotelnikov



How To Succeed in Love

Funny educative song that applies classic success rules to achievement of sexual harmony

To do your best, create a vision,
Make an empowering decision

And set your goals extremely high.
Visualize that you are mine.
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Vadim Kotelnikov

Life is a chance to think that life is a chance to understand what life is.

Vadim Kotelnikov