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Vadim Kotelnikov quotes If you stop learning you stop creating history and become history.

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If you stop learning,
you stop creating history and become history.  >>>

Look at yourself from new angles
to discover new things about you.




Life Symphony


Vadim Kotelnikov selfiegram live to be remembered

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Learn from the past and live in the present
so that you'll be remembered gratefully in the future.

The Сreator created us in His own likeness.
We're all creators.







There are no non-genius people,
there are dormant genii. Wake up!


Vadim Kotelnikov genius

Leadership definition, Vadim KOtelnikov






Leadership Tasks, Vadim Kotelnikov

As a Leader, you must envision the future, passionately believe that
you can make a difference, and inspire people to achieve more
than they may ever have dreamed possible.

'1+1+1=3' is the arithmetics of followers.
The arithmetics of disruptive innovators is '1+1+1=111'.  >>>



Vadim Kotelnikov quotes photogram, Love for customers is the springhead of the cascade of innovations and the river of revenues.

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Love for customers is the springhead of the cascade of innovations
and the river of revenues.

Your love for customers attracts them
and differentiates you from the less loving competitors.



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You are much bigger than you think. You can achieve far more if you see yourself as a disruptive innovator and an inevitable victor >>>


Innovation  >>>

Innovation is 1% of invention and 99% of entrepreneurial action.

Managers succeed by following the rules. Innovators succeed by breaking the rules.

In innovation, doing things right is often wrong.

Don't be a Chief Executive Officer, be a Chief Inspiration Officer!


6+6 Engines of an Entrepreneur



If you are truly passionate about your work, everything around you becomes your inspiring coach.

Great businesses do take care of their revenue stream but focus on passionate creation of increasingly great value for today's stakeholders and tomorrow's learners.

Great business inspires employees by amazing opportunities and customers by exciting products.

Great business is a daring vision of a passionate and creative victor, not a blueprint by a consultant.

Every company that wants to be successful must start with establishing the culture of love for customers. The rest will follow.

If it creates value for customers it creates value for business, and vice versa.

Don't sell products, help your target beneficiaries grow and shine.

Surprise to win ‐ excite your employees, amaze your customers, shock your competitors!

Dreamers create best for fun, problem solvers create best under the gun. Market leaders create best for fun under the gun.

When you create radical innovations, entrepreneurial simulation games work far better than classic business planning, strategy formulation and project management methods.

Love breeds Love. Love what you do and success will fall in love with you. Love your customers and they will love you back.

If you sell something non-innovative, work hard to make prospective customers notice you in the crowd of other sellers. If you created radically new customer value, create also an emotional buzz marketing strategy to make people desire your product.

Development must be balanced, like Yin and Yang: some people focus on creating breakthroughs (Yang), others ‒ on preserving established values (Yin) on the way.

Master of Business Administration?  In today's rapidly changing economy administration would rather kill an innovative company. To be successful you must be an innovative, dynamic and flexible Master of Business Synergies!

In today's overcomunicated World and overcrowded market, being just excellent is not enough. You must also be remarkable and and rememberable.  >>>

Things get easier when you take a helicopter view you can see and be seen far better.


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