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There are many creative and inspiring ways to take a selfie


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Vadim Kotelnikov quotes If you stop learning you stop creating history and become history. Vadim Kotelnikov selfiegram live to be remembered
Creative Selfie: sea of treasures under your feet, dream, Vadim Kotelnikov You are much bigger than you think, disruptive entrepreneur, Vadim Kotelnikov



New Ways of Taking a Selfie

Creative selfie, mirror, wings, Vadim Kotelnikov, You can fly Hand's Aura, photo, creative selfie, Vadim Kotelnikov, rainbow, fist



Shadow-based selfies create new opportunities to convey messages  >>>
Shelfie #1, Vadim Kotelnikov, shadow-based selfies, 1st Philosophic Selfie Life mission example: Vadim Kotelnikov - I help people discover and unleash their divine creativity



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