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'Kitchen' phase ‒ synergizing ideas


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From Independent Ideation To Synergizing Ideas

Innoball helps boosts both individual entrepreneurial creativity and team creativity.

2 Creativity Catalysts

During the independent ideation phase, called 'Garden', team members look at the same situation from different points of view and come out with a variety of solutions.

These individual contributions are merged and synergized during the next 'Kitchen' phase of the intellectual teamwork.




 Process and Thinking Tools

SPIN - Spiral Integration of Ideas - value-added brainstorming, Vadim Kotelnikov

Innoball Ideation and Idea Selection

When Innoball is used to help a real project to succeed, a more sophisticated method of Spiral Integration of Ideas (SPIN) is to be used.

Team members submit their independent or synergized ideas to the team leader for evaluation and development of the next move.



 The 'Kithen' phase is both beneficial and fun

Innoball Bebefits: stronger innovation team and project success, Vadim Kotelnikov Innovation Brainball simulation game training