How To Create
Presentation Visuals

Top 10 Tips Top 10 Tips

  1. Understand your audience before you create your visuals

  2. Keep it simple each slide should focus on one idea or concept

  3. Make a powerful first visual impression, inspire and arouse curiosity.

  4. Show the audience how they can get something they want.

Selling Is Problem Solving

  1. Don't dilute your message, emphasize your main point visually

  2. Avoid wordy visuals; go for small self-contained bites.

  3. Use images to illustrate data and technical characteristics

  4. Match color with the tone and message of your presentation

  5. Summarize complex information or split it up over several slides

  6. Use text movement with caution ‒ it's difficult to read a text as it is moving.

Take Perceptions Into Account

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