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CREATIVE ACHIEVERr (mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov, PowerPoint download) Inspirational Mini-courses CREATIVE ACHIEVERr (mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov, PowerPoint download)

by  Vadim Kotelnikov personal logo  Vadim Kotelnikov

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Follow your heart and intuition. Your passion will lead you to inspiration and completion. That's all you need. Follow you inner direction, not external suggestions. Don't split your energy. By trying to chase many rabbits at once, you'll catch neither. Focus, if you wish to hit the mark, and pursue your true passion, if you wish to be creative. Creativity is your key to a brighter future. Creativity gives you an incredible source of adventure, achievement, self-discovery, connection, spirituality, awakening, self-worth, identity, healing, happiness, energy, and power.



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1. Find Lasting Inspiration

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Find Lasting Inspiration

Three Intertwined Pillars of Inspiration

3 Attitude Tips

3 Expertise Tips

3 Exploration Tips

3 Cross-pollination Tips

Dream Big Dreams

4 Powerful Attitudes

Be Different and Make a Difference!

Life-Business Synergy

Unlock Your Creativity

3 Pillars of Creativity

2 Creativity Catalysts

Challenge Assumptions and Status Quo

Lateral Thinking

Think Outside-the-Box

Ask Searching Questions

Discover and Build Synergies

Solve Problems Creatively

Turn Problems To Opportunities

Problem Solving: Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind

Make Creativity a Habit

Build Habits of a Great Achiever

8 Winning Habits of a Great Achiever

Yin and Yang of Achievement

Find Your True Passion

6 Steps To Developing a Grand Vision

Embrace an Achievement Attitude

Create Inevitable Success

Make Decisions Quickly

Create Greater Value for Others

The Wheel of Personal Success

Achievement-focused Self-Coaching

Be a Creative Leader

Leader 360

Create Change

How To Lead Creative People

Creative Leadership DOs and DON'Ts

Learning SWOT Questions


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Three Levels of Creativity Subconscious Mind Power Vadim Kotelnikov Wise LIstening 360 Meditation Burning Desire e-Coach 3 Pillars of Creativity Emfographics Vadim Kotelnikov Emfographics Benefits 3 Levels of Creativity: Conscious, Subconscious, Divine by Vadim Kotelnikov


Your Conscious Creativity

Focus your thoughts on a matter. When you focus intently on the task at hand you get your conscious mind to take over. Switch between working with their conscious mind and subconscious mind to work with a full mind. Work on a problem intently then let it go free for a while before returning back again. Relax or go do something completely different to let your subconscious linger on the problem and do the job.

Your Subconscious Creativity

The real power of creativity lies in the subconscious. The subconscious is much more powerful than the conscious. The subconscious handles millions of things every minute. The conscious mind can only focus on few. Lots of your new great ideas are already lying inside of your subconscious. Your subconscious creativity comes out of all the things you are not aware of – feelings within you that naturally occur, things you have seen but have not noticed, and things that happened to you but you don't remember them. Let your subconscious take on more of the imaginative and creative side of the task and let your intuition select winning solutions. Cultivate burning desire, close your eyes, and let your mind wander the subconscious. Don’t force yourself to come up with the decision in the moment. Take a break and go do something else so that your subconscious mind can work on it. It will assemble together the information it knows to develop the best choice that you can act on. You will become a lot more clear about what to do when the answer comes to you.

Your Divine Creativity

The people who create and accomplish the most are the ones who seem to work the least. “It takes a lot of time to be a genius. You have to sit around so much, doing nothing, really doing nothing,” says Gertrude Stein. Divine sparks are everywhere. They are embedded in everyone and everything. Silence your mind and listen to the Universe to discover the sparks and transform them into something new. Recognize that you are surrounded by the vast power and wisdom of the universe. Align yourself with the universe and  be more attentive to its messages.


CREATIVE ACHIEVER mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov, Achievement training, creativity courses PowerPoint download


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